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Change the way your customers buy grocery, build the most perfect on-demand grocery delivery app. Sounds fruity? Let’s begin.

What We Offer

Using our driver apps and dispatch panel, you can build your own delivery subsystem. Setting up an online store will teach you how to customise it for your customers.

We help in building your app in the following platforms:

  • Website
  • Android App for Customer
  • iOS App Customer
  • Android App for Delivery
  • iOS App Delivery
  • Partner Android App
  • Partner panel
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Dispatcher System

How it Works


Find the nearest outlets to your location.


Add the item to your shopping cart, then check out and pay.


Your request will be routed to the nearest drivers by the system. Meanwhile, the order will be packed by the respective shop.


Partner arrives at the store to pick up the order.


The order is delivered to your location by a partner.


Reviews & Ratings


Social LogIn

Clients can use this feature to log in via various social media sites. It provides customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Social Sharing

Using the power of social media to share the shopping experience of customers and help build the brand.


By integrating your app with Google Analytics, you can improve the features of your eCommerce store with statistics, insights, and optimization.

Live Chat

Our live chat feature allows you to easily integrate responses to queries, smoothens live conversations, and ensures hassle-free customer support.


The script can be customised to any language you want, including all of the popular ones.

Partner App

With an optional Big Basket Clone Script partner Mobile Application, you can manage your bookings on the go.

BigBasket App Clone Script Development Live Demo

Do you want to see how our advanced customizable BigBasket App Clone works?
For iOS, Android, and Web platform demos, please see the links below.

App Demo
Web Demo

How you get benefited with our Bigbasket clone?

Retailer Commission

The commissions you receive from the various retailers with whom you collaborate are a significant source of revenue.

Benefit on each product sales

Each product's sale will benefit you as an administrator. You will be paid commissions on each product.

Brand establishment

Brand establishment leads to more advertisements from third parties, which aids in revenue generation through banner ad placement.


Yes, it is completely customizable as per your wish, you can add different features to it.

Yes, we offer complete post-launch maintenance and support for our products.

Yes, we ensure that the app is completely glitched free before the launch, we have an internal testing team to test the app for any glitches.

Yes, we provide free installation for the clone.

There’s no limit to it but we can specify one for you as per your requirements.

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