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Delivery Business took to Next Level

Delivery Business has been taken from the traditional market to On-Demand market due to the sheer demand of the customer. The Delivery business has been down for some time due to low reliability and assurance over the delivery of the package. So the Uber like app for Courier has stepped up and taken up the delivery of packages on demand. Customers can sign in the app and start requesting for delivery personnel to deliver their packages.

Logistics Personnel gain Profits Off of it

The Delivery Business is solely based on the logistics of the delivery personnel. The entrepreneur who owns the logistics can make profits off the Uber like app for Courier business by creating an app and garnering customers who want to deliver their package on demand. A wide range of delivery personnel like Bike messengers, car or even foot messengers who can pick up your package and deliver it anywhere the customer desires.

Content Management System


The user examines the balance in their wallet. To pay for delivery services, the user adds money to his or her wallet.

Management Service Providers

The user keeps track of the service provider in transit and double-checks the delivery vehicle type.



The user will receive a delivery invoice with information such as the booking ID, distance travelled, time taken, base fare, distance fare, tax, and total cost.

Add Tips

Before completing the payment, the user gives the driver a gratuity.


The user can add payment methods that are available in the app. The user can change the payment mode at any moment (as per discretion).


The user ranks and reviews the delivery person after obtaining it.


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