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Manage Crowdfunding with
Investment Management Software

Streamlining, centralising, and controlling the investment cycle are all answers that investment professionals require. In a data-driven market, our software has been tailored for crowdfunding operations and boosts the requirements for data and reporting. We create crowdfunding platform software that allows owners, investors, and fund managers to make real-time decisions. This guarantees that risks are minimised while portfolio performance is enhanced.

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Platforms by Asset Classes

Codeready has all of the solutions for the needs, regardless of the asset classes for crowdfunding.


Real Estate

Private Equity

Private Debt

Reserve Assets

Platforms by Type of Investors

Our platform can cater to a diverse group of investors looking to fund or invest in a variety of financial instruments.

Limited Partnership (LP)

General Partnership

Asset Management Services

Venture Capitalists(VC)

Fund Of Funds(FOF)

Challenges in Crowdfunding

Painful Execution Of Subscription Agreements that increase operational costs.

Manual Operational processes negatively impact the volume of deals.

Ever changing regulations are hurdles for organizations to remain compliant.

White Label Crowdfunding Platform

Simple Process

Reduce your operational costs by increasing transactional speed with faster executions and improved transaction efficiencies in the crowdfunding process.

Crowdfund in a Jiffy

Your team may pursue and sell the platform by eliminating inefficiencies from existing processes, resulting in new client relationships and prospects.

Compliance Leverage

We assist you in opening your crowdfunding platforms to new pools of investors by ensuring compliance and taking current rules into account.

Features of Crowdfunding Script

Tracking Instantly

Investors, fund managers, and administrators may track subscription agreements in real time using secure, permissioned, and compliance dashboards.


Electronic signatures allow your investors to sign subscription agreements automatically using APIs like DocuSign.

Audit Ready

Platform and deal operations, including prospectus tracking for auditors, are available for auditing thanks to digital records with time and date stamps.

Automated Investor Onboarding

KYC/AML, Accredited Investor Verification, and other regulatory procedures for the investor, both manual and automated.

Automated Notifications

Crowdfunding platforms can send out automated notifications to its investors as soon as new information becomes available.

Global Compliance

Fully compliant with US, European, and Singapore securities legislation, providing you a compliant platform.

Payment Integration

Within the platform, investors can buy and sell equities, REITs, and other investments in both fiat and cryptocurrency.

Mobile Crowdfunding

With Android and iOS crowdfunding apps, you can take your crowdfunding platform to new heights.

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