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Cryptocurrency Exchange script

Looking to create the perfect Cryptocurrency Exchange script? Worry, not. You’ve stumbled upon the right site.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange script Solutions

A cryptocurrency exchange script is a set of programmes created expressly for the purpose of allowing the owner to develop their own cryptocurrency exchange software. It serves as the foundation for constructing a smooth trading platform. Code Ready Software develops cryptocurrency exchanges by delivering unrivalled script solutions, appropriate programming, and post-launch support. All of the essential "order" trading functions are included in the software thanks to our exchange script. We give the full package for the correct bitcoin exchange script, from end-to-end customization to bug-free support. We were one of the first to use Blockchain technology, and we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you design the ideal Cryptocurrency Exchange script.

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We can design an exchange script that is utilised by the world's leading bitcoin exchanges. Do you want to be Binance's next big thing? To get a taste of your next exchange, check out our Demo.

Readymade Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

P2P Orders Books Trading

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User to Admin Trading Exchange

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Our Package Will Include


Trading Bot

With Trading Bots in the picture, you can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use the Bot's algorithm to recognise and interpret various indications and trends, then use it to execute trades by placing buy and sell orders automatically.

ERC20 ICO Tokens

User Wallet

The wallet is the safest place to store and stack cryptocurrencies. As a result, we recognise the need of providing users with a secure wallet.

Bitcoin white Label Script

KYC System

Integrate Anti-Money Laundering (AML) with KYC to prevent any money laundering operations on your exchange.

Altcoin Exchange Script

Margin Trading & Lending

Margin Trading facilitates trading by allowing traders to borrow coins from Lenders based on the ‘margin' provided by the Lenders.

Cryptocurrency Trading Script

Escrow Security

Escrow is the most advanced security that is independent of both parties, thanks to the use of smart contracts and automatic restrictions.

Bitcoin Exchange Software

Admin Panel

Our bespoke admin panel incorporates cutting-edge technology. The one-of-a-kind UI and sophisticated dashboard are designed to let you manage your trade with confidence.


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Why Our Cryptocurrency Exchange script?


Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Script Setup in Minutes


Get a Dynamic and Powerful Order Book

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

To kick-start a successful exchange, use a dependable ‘bitcoin exchange script.'

Bitcoin Market Script

Create a similar exchange to Binance | Coinbase | Localbitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Software Features

Bitcoin Exchange PHP Script

Multiple Currency pairing

Multiple currency pairing possibilities can be integrated into the Cryptocurrency exchange script, allowing crypto to crypto trading.

Bitcoin Exchange Website Script

Integrated Wallet

The value of a digital wallet is on the level of security it provides. Creating an impenetrable vault with us is the best method to ensure you have a secure wallet.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Advanced CMS

Our content management system (CMS) allows you to quickly manage and update your company's information at any time, without the need for technical knowledge.

Bitcoin Exchange Script

Market Making

You may build a niche market for your customers by using a cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitcoin Trading Script

BTC Wallet

All devices that you choose to enable in your wallet for quick transactions are supported by our decentralised system. Including a safe wallet and providing a reliable mobile wallet service.


Payment Options

We keep up with new and evolving crypto payment trends. We'll combine the exchange script with the most up-to-date and flexible payment methods.


Easy Customization

Our bespoke exchange will allow you to add or remove Cryptocurrency trading pairs, trade orders, and payment alternatives, as well as provide regular updates.



Problems on a global scale, solutions on a global scale. For nonstop trade, your users can choose from a variety of languages.

ERC20 ICO Tokens

Match and Trade

Assist traders in finding the finest trading pair by providing the most accurate match for the coin in question.

Bitcoin white Label Script

Liquidity Management

Local order books provide more liquidity than external order books. You may liquidate your earnings the appropriate manner using our Liquidity management function.

Altcoin Exchange Script

Two-factor Authentication

Security is crucial, and with our two-factor authentication, you won't have to worry about any unexpected breaches.

Cryptocurrency Trading Script

Auto Withdrawal Limit

You can set a daily withdrawal restriction and ensure the inflow of your commissions as an admin.

Crypto Exchange script Working Model

Working model from the user’s perspective

Bitcoin Exchange Software


To begin trading on the exchange, you must first register with the exchange.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software


“You will then be presented with a “Know Your Customer” prompt, as well as AML documents, for verification."

Bitcoin Market Script

Coin Pair

You will be able to choose whatever trade pair(s) you want to trade. The actual trading of cryptocurrency comes after that.

Bitcoin Exchange PHP Script


As a user, you care about everything from discovering the most accurate trading pair to finding the best way to trade it.

Bitcoin Exchange Website Script


The exchange will deduct the marginal commission. This is the administrator's or exchange controller's pay.


Yes, you can Trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease.

Yes, matching engine is 100% customizable. You can customize it as per your requirements.

Yes, our exchange script sets the bar high for other exchanges in existence.

We have a lot of cutting edge security features integrated into the script. Plus the regular security patches that keep the script secured against unforeseen breaches.

Yes, we will ensure you are totally in the loop and don’t miss anything pertaining to your problem.

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