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Cryptokitties, an Ethereum-based game, has established a foothold in the Bitcoin frenzy. Breeding crypto valuables like Cryptokitties, Cryptoathletes, and Cryptodoggies is the current obsession. These avatars are available for purchase, sale, and breeding. Codeready's cutting-edge Cryptokitties clones will allow you to customise avatars according to your preferences. In addition, the entire process is tied together via a master contract on the Ethreum Blockchain.

Cryptokitties Features

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Cryptokitties, for example, are built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721), allowing users to own their own virtual asset in a safe and secure manner. The ERC-721 protocol will make it possible for tokens to be non-fungible and have unique goods as well as strong smart contracts. Non-Fungible distinguishes each avatar from the others.

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To improve gamification, our team of creative minds may design 100+ avatars, each with its own distinct appeal and visual style. This will take place on a marketplace we've established for displaying your crypto-avatars, akin to an e-commerce website. The selling price is revealed, and the customer can purchase the crypto-avatar by clicking on it.

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Participants will be able to design their own original art using blockchain technology. It will extend the audience, allowing for the creation of a variety of crypto-avatars and increased community engagement. Through an external contract, the community can breed new "fancy cats," with an algorithmically set beginning price.

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The highest beginning bid, as well as the minimum closing price and the auction's time frame, can all be changed by the seller. Buyers can participate and acquire avatars on this spectrum. To develop a long-term income strategy, you will receive a percentage of each transaction. Additionally, you can make money by selling your avatar.

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You can breed two avatars, such as two cats, to produce a one-of-a-kind child that you can buy, sell, or keep as a collectable. The user will receive an ID that confirms the Mother, Father, date of birth, genes, and the time for the new breed to reproduce. Game creators who want to incorporate their own collection of collectibles can do so with their own interpretations.

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We'll produce a whitepaper for your game so that gamers can learn about the game's unique features and the technology that powers it. Our team of creative specialists will collaborate with our writers to create a white paper that will pique the interest of the gaming community.

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Our dashboard will allow you to view real-time data and analytics on the number of visitors to the site. The dashboard will show all of the blockchain transactions that are currently taking place. You can also check the commissions you've earned from purchasing and selling crypto cats, such as avatar.

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