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With your very own Flippa clone designed and produced from our cutting-edge Flippa Clone script, you may cater to the increasing market of online buying and selling. The wealthy online marketplace provides the ideal venue for buyers and sellers to interact and negotiate the purchase or sale of their existing websites, domains, and apps. The app and website created with our Website Marketplace script ensure that your platform runs smoothly all the time. Let's put this in your shopping cart right now!

Flippa Clone Features

Admin Dashboard

A user-friendly admin panel will be included in the Flippa clone, allowing the administrator to monitor and administer the whole functioning of the online marketplace.


Manage end-to-end auctions for buying and selling websites, domains, and apps with ease using Flippa clone software.

User Dashboard

The users of the Flippa clone can serve as both a seller and a buyer, providing a single dashboard to meet both needs.


The private messaging mechanism built into the Flippa clone script allows buyers and sellers to communicate privately.


The administrator has control over the quantity of buyers and sellers who are registered as users on the website.


Admins can verify the legitimacy of the listed websites to make them trustworthy for users and to avoid unforeseen fraudulent acts.


Sellers that want to sell their domains, apps, or websites must use this sophisticated functionality to authenticate their ownership.


Users will be led to popular payment gateways for secure and error-free transactions during the checkout process.


The website uses a variety of on-page SEO strategies to ensure that it appears on the first pages of major search engines.

Social Media

This Flippa clone feature allows the internet public to learn about the project and help raise the most money possible.


Integrate popular languages such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and others and cater to the global audience with ease.

View Demo

With separate demos for iOS, Android, and web platforms, you can get a firsthand look at our excellent Flippa clone. Check out the features by clicking the link below.


You can contact us for bespoke development solutions that will match your specific needs for catering to your target market and audience. Next-generation software that is code ready Flippa clone is a cutting-edge online marketplace that enables people to easily buy and sell their websites, domains, and apps. The cutting-edge internet marketplace script enhances scalability, robustness, and adaptability while also providing an appealing user interface (UI).

What is the Revenue model of Flippa Clone?

Commission Revenue Model

The commission-based business model is used by Flippa clone, in which the marketplace platform earns a set commission from both buyers and sellers during a successful transaction.

Listing Fees

According to the service policy, users will pay the relevant listing costs for listing their domains, websites, screenshots, and other items.

Ad Revenue Model

The Flippa clone can feature strategically positioned adverts for maximum coverage, which can be a quick and easy way to create profitable cash.


Yes, the Flippa clone script makes it simple to integrate a variety of features to match your needs.
You will own the complete source code of your Flippa clone, which will be customised to your specifications. It will also reside on your dedicated server.
Yes, we'll be happy to help you with any enhancement requests you may have following the launch. Our development professionals can provide you with more information.
Yes, users can utilise their social media accounts to log into the Flippa clone. This property can be developed and updated according to your needs.
Yes, the agreed payment will be one-time only and will not include any hidden fees during the development phase.

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