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Provide users with an incredible visual guide to delicious cuisine and where to find it. The programme is unusual in that it allows users/foodies to recommend and rate restaurants' best dishes as well as the place itself. Our strong Foodspotting clone script ensures that the Foodspotting clone has all of the main features along with flawless functionality all the way through. With your unique food reviews and rating platform, you can assist food seekers, food spotters, travellers, brands, and enterprises all around the world in selecting and promoting their items of interest.


Find food

Users may easily search for their favourite foods using your specialised app and website.

Social media login

Users can log in to your platform using their Facebook, Google+, and other social network accounts.

Find restaurant

Foodies can look for restaurants based on cuisine, pricing, reviews, and location, among other factors.

Post reviews

Users can leave evaluations on dishes and places, as well as submit ratings that are visible to others.

Share location

Users can share the location of food places for others to see and remark on via the Foodspotting clone.

Social media sharing

On their social media profiles, users can share their dining experiences, dishes, and restaurant information.


With many languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, and others, you can easily cater to a global audience.

Coupon codes

Businesses and brands who want to advertise their businesses can use special coupons to attract more customers.

Ad sections

You may increase your revenue with Foodspotting clone by placing ads in key locations for maximum viewership.

Foodspotting Clone Demo

Want to see how your amazing Foodspotting clone will look and function like?
We provide specialized demos for websites and applications including iOS and Android. Go ahead, click the link and witness pure magic.

Support solution

With the most robust, customisable, user-friendly, and scalable Foodspotting clone on the market, you can start your own food review and rating platform. Our solutions ensure that you get the best help for:

  • Designing
  • Development
  • Customization
  • Testing
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Technical support
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Round the clock maintenance
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Yes, the Foodspotting clone script allows end-to-end integration of numerous features to meet your requirements.

Yes, as per your policy, you can restrict poorly rated restaurants and establishments from using your Foodspotting clone platform.

You will own the entire source code of your Foodspotting clone designed and developed to match your business needs.

Yes, we will assist you with any enhancement requests after launch. You can discuss this in detail with our development experts.

Yes, the agreed payment will only be one-time and involves no-hidden costs throughout the development phase

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