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With a cutting-edge programme like Freelancer, you can hire or start working from anywhere in the world in seconds. You may better serve your users by giving them with what they require by using a single platform. If creating a freelance app has always been a dream of yours, codeready is the place to be. Our Freelancer supports several platforms, including iOS, Android, and Web, as one of the pioneers in producing mobile clone apps. You can create the best freelancing app in no time with a multi-functional admin dashboard and complex features.

Why develop a


If you've ever considered developing a Freelancer clone software, you've probably pondered why you'd want to do so. Well, establishing a clone app like this has a lot of potential for producing a lot of money, especially if you're just starting out. Not to mention that it will be beneficial to both freelancers and companies. The Freelancer clone from codeready will help you in a variety of ways.

  • A cost-effective solution
  • Services that are tailored to your users
  • High scalability of the product



View Freelancer Profile

Search for skilled freelancers online with a single swipe using an all-in-one profile that includes everything from work history, relevant skills, project specifics, and ratings and reviews.

Reviews & Ratings

Value your freelancers and allow them to be evaluated by their employers. With codeready's Freelancer app, you may provide the necessary reviews and feedback.

Search projects

Employers can take advantage of a variety of tools while looking for projects, including the ability to flag favourite projects, search criteria, and get bids, all of which are based on a set of algorithms.

Private Messaging

At any point during the project, send a message to your service providers to discuss issues like deadlines and working hours.

Payment Gateways and wallets

Allow your freelancers and employers to have a smooth payment procedure with numerous payment gateways and payment options including Netbanking and e-wallets.

Push Notifications

Allow your clients to submit invites to the best freelancers in the area and get notified when they accept or reject tasks. Employers can report projects or freelancers as "spam" if they uncover any difficulties.

Dynamic Profile

By upgrading your profile details and revealing all essential information from work history and skill set to repositories of completed projects, you may increase your chances of being invited by companies and receiving the best bids on projects.

Project Details and Stages

Customers can post projects or accept/decline them. It is also simple to track the progress of each stage of the allocated projects.

Search Employers

Freelancers can search for employers from anywhere at any time, from filtering the best employers in the market to identifying favourite service seekers.

File Attachments

Freelancers and employers alike can share work-experience-related documents or project-related data and communicate freely with one another.

Social Media Integration

Freelancers can display their real profiles on the site using codeready's Freelancer clone software, which is integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and others.

Push Notifications

With this function, you can get timely notifications about significant events. Freelancers can also report any employer or assigned assignment as "spam" or report any problems to the admin.

Attractive Admin Dashboard

Give your admins a user-friendly multi-functional dashboard with full data representation to help them keep track of all freelancer and employer activity.

Statistics and Analytics

Admins can easily keep track of everything that consumers and employers do using a variety of precise analytics, statistics, and infographics, including the authenticity of profiles and thorough data analysis.

User Management

Anyone who has joined up for the Freelancer clone app can be managed by the admins. They can also manage skill sets in accordance with project needs.

Dispute Handling

A dispute resolution system for freelancers and employers might help you manage conflicts more effectively. Admins can rectify the issue in accordance with service policy.

Account Verification

Employer and freelancer accounts can be verified by administrators. Social network integration via Facebook, GooglePlus, and LinkedIn accounts can also be used for verification.

Escrow /Wallets commission

Easily manage the escrow commissions paid by employers and freelancers according to the admin-set commission percentage.

View Demo

Do you want to see how your software, such as Freelancer, will look and work? Check out our interactive demos to get a feel for all of the features and functionalities.

Why go for codeready’s Freelancer Clone?

Mobile Apps

Easy-to-use Android and iOS mobile apps with an appealing user interface, cutting-edge functionality, and built-in native source code for flawless execution are available as white-labeled premade solutions.

Web Apps

Advanced and fully configurable website with a user-friendly layout that makes it easy for users to log in, create profiles, and contact employers or freelancers.

Robust Admin Dashboard

Admins may use this sophisticated multifunctional dashboard to keep track of and control all of their actions, from user authentication to commission distribution to app functionality monitoring.

100% Customizable

With add-on support and full documentation of the app's code, you have a plethora of alternatives to pick from and transform the entire look of your app.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Integration of a multi-payment system for both freelancers and employers, including a plethora of payment channels with options such as net banking, debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and so on.


Yes. You can quickly adapt your app to look like Freelancer by adding a variety of new features. For example, you can customise the app's main page or add membership options for freelancers and employers. You can also include a banner video to improve the user interface. In fact, our professional designers will gladly help you rebuild your app.
Yes. If you opt to buy the app, you will just have to pay once and there will be no hidden expenses.
Yes. At codeready, we have a team of skilled developers who have extensive expertise providing technical assistance and guarantee that you will receive the finest even after the product development is over.
Yes. Even after the final delivery stage, additional features can be added to the Freelancer clone software. For example, the “Ad-hoc credits” functionality can be introduced to the app's employer panel to allow companies to purchase credits instead of purchasing a membership plan. This will make it much easier for them to obtain projects.
Yes. You can get in touch with us if you run into any problems. We will work on these and keep you informed on their progress.

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