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With our fantastic GoFundMe clone script, you can meet the growing need for fundraising platforms. With a dedicated website and application made from GoFundMe clone PHP and a GoFundMe similar App for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms, cater to millions of people wishing to raise donations for their cause. Your fundraising solution will close the gap between campaign organisers and funders, allowing for end-to-end transparency in the fundraising process. Your GoFundMe clone comes with all of the advanced features and cutting-edge functionality that will make you the most trusted source of funding in the market.

Why should you use GoFundMe Clone?

GoFundMe, a popular online fundraising tool, is great for generating funds for individual or group projects. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, the advanced platform takes a softer approach to goals and timelines. A GoFundMe clone enables a large number of fundraisers to start projects with no deadlines. Even if the project falls short of its objectives, the fundraisers can keep the money received.


SEO friendly URLs

The website will include all of the most recent SEO tactics to ensure that your GoFundMe Clone site remains at the top of every search engine result.

Unique Web Design

The website will be fully responsive and will provide users a simple and easy-to-use interface as well as excellent web design.

User registration

Users can sign up for the crowdsourcing site, which is similar to GoFundMe, by providing requested information such as their email address, phone number, and so on, or by signing up directly through their social media profiles.

Secured Transactions

Donors will be able to make secure transactions through the website, which will be equipped with a number of payment methods.

Payment Management

Using your strong website, you can easily manage donation contributions. Donors can make contributions online using a variety of methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and so on.


On the platform, campaigners and users can write blogs on themes related to their fundraising cause. It is feasible to set up a system that allows content to be published after admin approval.


By giving international campaigns and funders with their choice language, such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, and others, you can easily cater to their needs.


Donors can donate to fundraising efforts in a number of ways, including debit/credit cards, net-banking, digital payment apps, and more.


Users can sign up for newsletters that offer them with the most up-to-date information about active activities as well as other pertinent information.


Users can be kept up to speed on campaign-related information using push notifications, email, SMS, and other techniques.

Fundraiser category

Medical, emergency, non-profit, animals, education, and business are just few of the fundraising areas where users can donate.

Social media login

Users can use their Facebook, Google+, or other social media accounts to check in to the website or app.

Highly secured

Unauthorized access or crashes are well-protected in the admin panel. Thanks to error-free code and many security procedures, the panel will work smoothly.

Monitoring system

This admin panel feature makes it easy to keep track of the entire platform's operation from beginning to end.


Admins can maintain track of each campaign's subscribers and, if required, block suspect users or campaigners from using the site.


To keep people informed about upcoming or ongoing efforts, administrators might send out announcements.


The admin can assign a number of sub-admins to assist with the administration of the GoFundMe clone platform. The administrator has the authority to give or deny sub-admin access.

Website setting

The website's settings can be changed or updated at any time. At your leisure, change the website's theme to meet any season or occasion, create more pages, and do a lot more.

How does GoFundMe Clone work?


The GoFundMe clone is an innovative and effective online crowdfunding platform where money may be gathered for events, charities, personal needs, and other purposes.


Campaigners will launch a fundraising campaign and share their stories, films, photos, themes, and other details with family and friends. These can be shared on a variety of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and email.


The site will be linked to a number of secure popular payment methods to ensure that cash are donated safely. Donors can make donations using a variety of methods, including credit cards, online banking, and digital wallets.


After receiving the donation/fund, campaigners or fundraisers can change their status and express their gratitude to the giver. The fundraiser can use the monies raised for their project or cause regardless of whether the effort meets its target.


There are numerous types of fundraising campaigns including charity fundraising, personal campaign and others. The donations received will be directly linked to the charitable institute’s account or the campaigners account as per the company policyThere are many different kinds of fundraising efforts, such as charity fundraising, personal fundraising, and so on. As per corporate policy, all donations will be directly credited to the charitable institute's or campaigners' accounts.

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Yes, the GoFundMe clone script may be completely customised to meet your needs. You may easily incorporate your brand logo, theme, and other elements.

You will be the sole owner of your app's source code. Your dedicated server will host the GoFundMe-like app.

Yes, our staff will be happy to help you with any future enhancement suggestions you may have following the launch. You can have a full discussion about this with our specialists.

Yes, we will give full technical support during the agreed-upon time frame.

Yes, you may easily integrate your preferred language. Users will be greeted in the language you choose from sign-in to payment gateway.

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