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Become the trusted local e-commerce marketplace for millions with your very own Groupon clone app. Enjoy an enhanced online marketplace at your fingertips!

Groupon clone

Unique benefits of Groupon clone software

Groupon clone

Social Media Login

Users can log in directly using their Facebook, Google Plus, and other social network accounts. They can improve their profile settings to provide themselves a more premium user experience.

Groupon clone app

Advanced Search/Filters

Users can browse the greatest bargains in their area based on city, price, ratings, and much more using extensive search tools and filters.

Groupon clone app

Reviews and Ratings

Customers can rate offers and leave relevant remarks on the Groupon-like App online marketplace.

Groupon clone app


With a sophisticated wishlist, users may add their favourite products and bargains and share them on social media.

Groupon clone app

New Arrivals

Update users on new arrivals and promotions, and see a surge in speedier check-outs.

Groupon clone app

Enhanced Page

Simplify the product page for a better browsing experience and faster page loading.

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  • Groupon clone script
  • Groupon clone script
  • Groupon clone script

App Features

Search by location

Users can utilise this feature of our Groupon-like App to look for the best discounts in their city or neighbouring areas.

View Deals

Customers can see the entire list of available discounts as well as detailed information about each one.

Add to Cart

Customers can add their favourite products and bargains to their shopping cart. Before checking out, users can add several items to their cart.

Multi Payment

Users can checkout with numerous popular payment gateways and payment methods including credit/debit card, digital wallets, online payment apps, and others.

Groupon like app

Product / Deal -Comparison

Customers may compare products/deals and choose the one that best suits them with the Groupon Clone app.

Customer Checkout

Customers will benefit from the quick checkout capabilities because they will be able to pay more quickly.

Order Status

Customers can view their order status post checkout with ease. Keep them updated with delivery status via SMS, email or push notifications.

Multi Language

Integrate popular local languages such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, and others to appeal to a global audience.

Our Offerings

iOS and Android App

The Groupon clone iOS and Android app provides superior and bug-free performance.

Groupon like app


The dedicated website will have all of the most cutting-edge features to provide a long-term user experience.

Groupon like app

Cost Efficient Solution

Our dedicated app and website development services are both cost-effective and efficient.

Groupon like app

Entirely Customizable

The Groupon clone is completely customisable and will easily fulfil all of your needs.

Groupon app clone


You will own the entire source code of your app. The Groupon like App will be hosted on your dedicated server.

Yes, you can easily integrate the language of your choice. Right from sign-in to checkout, users will be welcomed with the language you choose.

Yes, we will provide complete technical assistance as per the agreed period.

Yes, the Groupon clone script you purchase from us will be 100% customizable. As per your requirements, your product will be designed, developed, tested and delivered.

Yes, we will be delighted to assist you with any future enhancement requests after launch. You can have a detailed discussion with our development experts regarding this.

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