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With your very own HappyFresh Like App, you can enter the lucrative market of online grocery delivery. The growing demand for delivery convenience has given rise to next-generation customers, who expect fresh groceries delivered to their door with a few taps on their smartphone. Offer them a powerful application created with our HappyFresh Clone script to help them easily dominate the online delivery market.

The most popular is code ready software. HappyFresh

Development firm that can help you launch your advanced online grocery delivery service in no time and at a fraction of the cost. With a powerful admin dashboard, you can easily manage multiple grocery deliveries and cater to millions of customers. Let's get started now that we've got your attention!

How Our HappyFresh


Step 1

User signup via credentials or Social media

Step 2

Search for all Grocery Products

Step 3

Choose Product

Step 4

Add to basket/cart

Step 5

Pay online

Step 6

Order Checkout

Step 7

Receive Order Confirmation

Step 8

Track placed order

Step 9

Product delivered to customer Doorstep

Step 10

Rate and Review Product and Service

Limebike clone app development

What We Offer

Our outstanding package includes the most advanced system for easily managing and monitoring all business functions.

  • Website
  • Driver/Delivery Person/Carrier iOS App
  • Driver/Delivery Person/Carrier Android App
  • Driver/Delivery Person/Carrier Web Panel
  • Store Web Panel to manage deliveries, item categories, orders etc.
  • Customer/Service seeker iOS app
  • Customer/Service seeker Android app
  • Customer/Service seeker Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage commissions, payments, stores, customer, Driver/Delivery Boy/Carrier etc.



The app is designed to make it simple to manage the cart system and accommodate all of the selected products.

Reviews and Ratings

Customers can easily rate and review the products available on the online platform, as well as review and rate the delivery service.

Advanced Search

The advanced features display the outcomes based on the inputs. Customers can easily view the product, its price, and other information thanks to the keyword-based search.

Cash or online payment

Customers can pay for their orders online using a credit/debit card, a digital payment app, or cash, whichever is most convenient for them.

Profile Management

Customers can manage their profile information such as name, contact information, address, and more through this feature.


Provide your global customer base with the language of their choice. Sales are boosted by regional local language.

Phone Verification

Before the commencement of delivery, the service provider can verify with their phone.

Earning Details

The delivery service earning details can be easily viewed and monitored by the delivery service provider.

Order request - Accept or Reject

The delivery service providers will receive concerned service request via notification and they can accept or reject as per their discretion.

Document submission

Before the commencement of the delivery service, the provider can submit the required documents through the app.

Status Update

Delivery executives can update crucial statuses like arrival on location, route and delivery delay etc.

Manage product

Store owners can add products, edit or even decline the product as per their discretion.

Order request - Accept or Reject

As per product availability, store managers can accept or reject the same. This feature is highly responsive and useful.

Order Dispatch

Stores can dispatch orders based on availability or location of delivery. Special care for frozen foods and produce is ensured for timely delivery.

Driver management

Manage drivers/delivery person/carriers with ease via this feature. You can add, edit or even decline delivery as per your discretion/policy.

Provider management

Easily manage the concerned delivery service provider and send notifications for delivery orders with ease.

Order Billing

This advanced feature allows concerned users to view and manage all the order billing statements.

Why Choose codeready HappyFresh Clone?

codeready HappyFresh Clone

Trusted Solutions

We provide our clients with the most reliable solutions and guarantee complete customer satisfaction at all times. We strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

Technical Support

We offer complete support to our clients and make certain they get the best solution for their needs.

Our Passion

We are enthralled by your concept. Our team works tirelessly to design, develop, test, and deliver the best solution to bring your vision to life.

Advanced product

You will receive the most advanced product with cutting-edge features to keep you ahead of the competition at all times!


We design and develop the app keeping in mind user convenience. Users will be welcomed with an easy to use and highly interactive product that boasts top-notch performance all way long.

Your crucial Feedback

Our team is always eager to hear from you, and yes, you will be involved in the project from concept to deployment across all major platforms.


You will be the sole owner of your application's source code. According to the terms of the agreement, the app will be hosted on your company's website.
Yes, our advanced HappyFresh Clone script is completely customizable and can easily integrate all of your requirements.
Yes, our team would be delighted to assist you with all post-launch app enhancements.
No, there is no limit to the number of users who can join and use your services.
Yes, according to the agreement, the payment will be one-time only. There are no hidden costs with code ready software.

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