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ICObench Clone, Your Personal ICO Rating Platform

When raising funding, entrepreneurs run into the problem of investors lacking analytical, legal, and technical knowledge. A team of ICO experts takes the lead in the market, giving consumers with the most up-to-date data, in order to close knowledge gaps and urge investors to take action. Individuals and businesses can use an ICObench-like app to obtain a rating platform that is backed up by investors and financial professionals. Users may choose the best ICOs among a large number of active and forthcoming ones, allowing them to invest more wisely.


ICO Bench Clone


The newcomers are offered a wide range of services, ranging from technical to marketing assistance.

ICO Bench Clone


Enter the name of an ICO into the search field to analyse it.

ICO Bench Clone


Search for ICOs based on their current state, rating, country, platform, and currency.

ICO Bench Clone


Purchase a premium subscription that allows you to eliminate competitors and continually be on top of the listings to ensure that your ICO is discovered.

ICO Bench Clone


Share your company's news via a press release to get the word out.

APP Features

Coinmarketcap Like Website Development
  • ICO Bench like Platform

    Crypto Assets & Exchanges

    To learn more about current trends, conduct research and browse crypto assets as well as exchanges.

  • ICO Bench like Platform

    ICO Entertainment

    Watch the top-rated videos in the app to gain some insight into the world of ICOs.

  • ICO Bench like Platform

    Experts & Contributors

    Learn about the top ICO influencers and their personal accomplishments in the area.

  • ICO Bench like Platform

    ICO “Bounty”

    Participate in the "Bounty" programmes to earn free coins for completing various activities (writing blog posts, filming YouTube videos, translating whitepapers, etc).

Solutions We Offer

Turnkey Solution

All of our goods are delivered fully assembled. You can begin with ZERO time-to-market, gain the highest market share, and become the industry leader that everyone else aspires to be.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Your admin dashboard gives you complete control over your mobile app. It includes an easy-to-use interface and may be customised.

Cost Effective

The most resourceful product from the bottom of your barrel, ICObench clone, is the most resourceful product from the bottom of your barrel, extending your corporate runway.

Paid Plugin

ICO Bench like Platform

Language Translation

Choose your preferred language of the app’s backend and frontend, and enjoy the ease of the navigation.

ICO Bench like Platform

Chat Integration

When in need of an expert’s advice, request a chat with one of our advisors/experts and instantly resolve your issues.

ICO Bench like Platform

ICO List Widget

Profit from adding an ICO List Widget to your app and fill it with the fresh cryptocurrency ICOs.

ICO Bench like Platform

Payment Gateway Integration

The payment gateway ensures you can collect payments from your ICO/STO issuance companies for premium/paid listings.

What We Offer

ICO Bench like Platform Development
  • ICO Bench like Platform Development

    Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps that are simple to use, technically advanced, and seamless for any vertical.

  • ICO Bench like Platform Development

    Web App

    Apps based on cutting-edge technology. In-app functions that are highly functional, pro-customizable, and frictionless.

  • ICO Bench like Platform Development

    Admin Dashboard

    A single dashboard allows you to swiftly scan the app's activity and overall performance.

  • ICO Bench like Platform Development

    100% Customizable

    For speedy app transformation, limitless customising options with immediate add-on support are available.


All the data is gathered, documented and reported in the GMT unless otherwise noted.

No, but we provide an installation package which can get your app up and running in no time. We recommend Digital Ocean server as it suffices all the requirements for the app to run.

App Store and Play Store deployment are covered in the separate Installation Package which will be taken up and finished in no time by our efficient team. You will also have to purchase the developer account for Google and Apple and give us the credentials and our experts will keep you in touch with the entire process.

No. Our Installation Package covers deployment only to live server and not on localhost or local machine.

If the digital ocean server is purchased, web installation would be completed within 48 hours. For Android and iOS app submissions, it takes upto 48 hours to upload the files and the mobile app stores have to review the app in the submission from there on (The app goes live when the app stores complete the review).

We strongly recommend against modifying or changing the code. If the script is modified, our team would not be able to further work on it and the support package coverage ends.

Refund will not be provided after the product is handed over to you if you've opted for installation support package. For source code purchase we strictly don't entertain any refunds since the vulnerability to the code is high. If there are any challenges faced in installation, our experts will be at your disposal through Skype/mail. We recommend you to go through the feature list carefully and test them out from the demo before you make the purchase.

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