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IoT in Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

The internet of things (IoT) is transforming and enabling the communication industry to make significant advancements in the way devices connect with one another. This component of Machine-to-Machine communication is opening the way for the transportation industry to move away from its current environment. We assist in the development and modernization of robust platforms for the seamless operation, collaboration, and execution of all Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solutions.

Our IoT-based vehicle tracking system allows connected vehicles to provide a more enhanced, secure, and efficient mobility experience.

Accurate Vehicle management system

Fleet Management

By combining an end-to-end fleet management solution that includes in-cloud data management, in-vehicle data collecting, and user analytics, we are solving all of the difficulties from typical use case scenarios. Our vehicle tracking platform enables real-time monitoring and management of an endless number of vehicles.

1Real-time vehicle tracking

2Connected vehicle sensors

3Fuel tracking

4Vehicle location tracking

5Speed control

6Fleet analytics

7Vehicle leasing solutions

8Fleet management

9Traffic management

10Vehicle scheduling solutions

Predictive vehicle maintenance

The extremely practical solution allows you to track your vehicle's performance, health, and cost variables by integrating sensors, control units, data transmitters, and the hardware module. glitch-free.

1Monitoring real-time vehicle health

2Timely alerts and notifications

3Auto maintenance scheduling

4Smart vehicle maintenance analytics

5Damage detection

6Remote diagnostics (Cloud)

7Over-the-air updates (Cloud)

8Location-based maintenance

What do we offer?

Engineering services Electrical and Mechanical
Industrial design, Prototyping, and UI/UX
Manufacturing solutions Foremost design for manufacturing, Supply chain management
Security solutions Device, Software, and Cloud
Software solutions Embedded systems programming, Networking & Infrastructure, Machine learning, Big data, Apps and Web.

Our software solutions

Optimized libraries and APIS

Create libraries and connect to any IoT device with ease with our sophisticated API. We're always expanding our coverage of IoT devices to make prototyping easier and more efficient for you.

Numerous platforms and protocols

We support multiple platforms and protocols including:

Platforms Atmel | Ardunio | Raspberry Pi | Econais | ESP8266 | Intel Edison | Sigfox | Electric Imp
Protocols HTTP* | MQTT* | UDP* | CoAP | Websockets* | UDP* | TDP* (* SSL encryption available)

Device management

Manage your devices in real time and make sure they're all communicating with each other. Adaptable and automatic provisioning is available with our licence and device management solutions.

Endless data storage

With complete control and ownership, store device data in real-time. Our cost-effective solutions allow you to access your data at any time.

Cloud code triggers, functions and jobs

To process the data received from the proper devices, automatic triggers, tasks, and functions are used. Send notifications by SMS, voice calls, social media, or other channels with ease.

Custom IoT dashboard

End-to-end IoT dashboard customisation, including the ability to easily add and delete drag-and-drop widgets. Analyze the facts to make informed decisions.

Product monitoring - Real-time

Monitoring and tracking of linked devices in real time to assess and research user behaviour.

Product analytics

Analyze the data received from devices to gain useful insights that can assist you in making better decisions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning can help you improve your offerings in areas like vehicle management, predictive maintenance, and more.

Our hardware tech solutions

Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Our RFID (Radio-frequency identification) wireless gadgets help with vehicle control and tracking. When used in conjunction with IoT technologies, you can monitor, manage, and control your whole fleet at your leisure.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Our GPS (Global Positioning System) car tracking systems assist in obtaining real-time data on the fleet's routes, driving patterns, and much more.

Onboard diagnostics (OBD)

Our OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) devices give important data on fleet maintenance and driving conditions. When combined with our IoT solutions, you'll get detailed statistics on driver behaviour, breakdown frequency, fuel usage, and more.

Serving customers across all industries

We assist businesses of all sizes to track their fleet,
remove paperwork and reduce unforeseen mishaps seamlessly.


Agriculture & Forestry


Public administration

Retail trade


Finance & Insurance



Wholesale trade



Waste management

Oil & Gas



Real-time vehicle telematics tracking

Using the embedded GPS device, our vehicle telematics solution ensures real-time fleet tracking and pinpoint location.

Fuel tracking

This advanced function allows you to track and monitor each vehicle's fuel usage. Save money on unexpected fuel costs while also reducing waste.

Speed control

IoT devices assist in monitoring the speed limit and sending alerts when the vehicle exceeds its momentum limit. The innovative device also reduces the speed to acceptable limits at the discretion of the handler.

Vehicle usage analytics

End-to-end vehicle use statistics, including number of trips, distance travelled, fuel consumption, and more. The reports can be easily altered.

Fleet & Driver management

With your bespoke vehicle management system, you can keep track of the entire fleet and drivers. With ease, you can track vehicle movement, assign drivers, create routes, and much more.

Native applications

Get personalised IoT vehicle tracking apps with top-notch coding for all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web.

Multi-language integration

With customizable language selection options for users, this unique tool helps you eliminate the language barrier.

Vehicle to Vehicle communication

This clever technology allows automobiles to interact with one another and share information such as impending traffic, accident notifications, bad weather alerts, roadside assistance requests, and more.

Voice recognition

Users can utilise the built-in speech recognition technology to unlock the vehicle, call for navigation assistance, request roadside assistance, and relay important information, among other things.

Vehicle maintenance prediction

The platform predicts the health of the vehicle based on vehicle usage, driving patterns, distance travelled, and other factors, and provides handlers with a detailed maintenance report.

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