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Create an online marketplace to fuel new ideas by entrepreneurs,
giving them the investor support.

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Kickstarter clone App Development

Entrepreneurs that want to make it big can use crowdfunding to get their ventures and ideas off the ground. With code ready software's Kickstarter clone, you have the power to create multiple additional entrepreneurs as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial ingenuity, after all, is something that needs to be shared with the rest of the world. Let's make a positive difference in the entrepreneur community.

Kickstarter Clone - Business Model

For Investors

Kickstarter clone


Register your project with complete information. From the segments to the overall project vision.


Choose Browse Option

This tool allows you to browse among several selections under topics such as Arts, Music, and Food.


Browse Project

In this section, you can look at different projects and learn about their "pitch."


Choose Project to Fund

Choose a project that appeals to your calling and begin sponsoring it after you've found it.

For Entrepreneurs


Choose Category

Select the category in which your project belongs and the industry in which you want to work.


Submit Your Project Details

For investors' understanding, include full project facts, such as the vision, mission, and plan.


Launch Your Project

After you've completed your submission, it's time to put your idea online, which will attract the attention of potential investors.


Get Funds

Once the project is live and investors have reviewed it, money will begin to flow freely.

Kickstarter clone

Platform Which Uses Crowdfunding

Kickstarter clone app
Kickstarter clone app
Kickstarter clone app
Kickstarter clone app
Kickstarter clone app

How to earn Profit by Using Kickstarter Clone?

Membership Fee

To enter the coveted entrepreneur circle, entrepreneurs and investors must pay a membership fee.

Listing Fee

To get their idea published in your app, entrepreneurs will be paid a listing fee, which will ensure a consistent cash stream.

Ad Captcha

Adsense will generate a steady stream of money from clicks and new verified users.

Website Commission

Your website will make sure you get paid on a regular basis for successful financial transactions.

Ad Banner

Third-party Ad banner adverts will be a good source of cash for you; in fact, this is a substantial revenue stream.

kickstarter clone script

Our Package Includes

kickstarter clone script

Website Installation

kickstarter clone script

Android / IOS App User

kickstarter clone script

Android / IOS App Campaign Owner

kickstarter clone script

Admin Panel

kickstarter clone script


kickstarter clone script

White Labelling

Kickstarter Clone Demo

If you feel you are the one who can change the dynamic of the entrepreneurs then this app is definitely for you.
Check out our demo and see how your future app looks like.

Kickstarter Clone App Features

Kickstarter app clone

Invite Friends

To find the project on the app, you can invite your friends and build a network.

Kickstarter app clone

Email Notification

Send a personalised email to your potential members and investors.

Kickstarter app clone

Push Notification

App push notification guarantees that news of new projects is communicated to investors in a timely manner.

Kickstarter app clone

Payment Gateway

For a faster and more convenient checkout, the app will support a large variety of Global Payment Gateways.

Kickstarter like app

Social Media

The software will flow seamlessly between social media platforms, allowing you to make your social presence known.

Kickstarter like app

Dynamic Service Fees

Change, control, and adjust the listing charge as needed, as well as increase the membership fee.

Kickstarter like app

Multiple Currency

For international investors and enterprises, the app will accept payments in several currencies.

Kickstarter like app

Censor Comments

As an administrator, you can ban offensive remarks and foster a positive environment for users and investors.

Kickstarter like app

Media Gallery

For a more memorable user experience, save, store, and share photos in the app.


Yes, you will have full control over the clone's code.

Yes, we guarantee end-to-end customizations, and yes, you will have entire access to the code, so you may tweak it later.

No, there isn't a limit, but we can add the feature if you request it.

Yes, we provide you with full post-launch assistance.

Yes, the software is built to accommodate multiple projects at once, and these can be configured according to your needs.

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