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People demand rapid gratification in all aspects of their lives, including transportation. Taxis have become an integral part of every city's transportation system. In today's world, booking a taxi online has become the latest fad.

In every way, online cab booking procedures are transparent. The quickest approach to deliver taxis to consumers has been identified as the same. As a result, code ready software offers the best Cabify and LeCab clones for your car hailing company. Cabify Clone will make sure that your online taxi booking service is up to date and has all of the necessary features.Contact code-ready software today to obtain the most advanced Cabify Clone Script!

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Live Demo

Do you want to see how your app would look like? Click on the below button and view the app demo to know more. Get the best Cabify Clone from us today.

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Why choose code ready software’s LeCab Clone?

LeCab Clone, a code ready software, assists you in succeeding. People rely on taxis for day-to-day transportation, and this on-demand taxi booking app will ensure that your taxi business satisfies their needs.

You don't have to worry about large investments when you use code ready software like Lecab Clone. You can concentrate your efforts on finding Driver Partners for the app, while we ensure that your software is in the final stages of development. Just to let you know, we'll have your app script ready in three business days.

We offer the most cost-effective alternative for launching your taxi booking business. We make certain that the app includes all of the functionality you'll need to succeed.




Yes, you can add as many customizations as you wish.
Yes, we offer post-delivery maintenance assistance as part of the all-inclusive price. Certain components of the help, however, are not covered and would necessitate additional fees.
Yes, we will make sure that all of the major languages are incorporated according to your specifications.
Yes, after delivery, you will have complete ownership of the source code.
No, the app isn't built to handle an infinite amount of drivers. You can, however, limit the number using settings at your choice.

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