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With the introduction of the internet, the informal C2C marketplace has become a global phenomenon. Previously restricted to a single city or region, an individual can now sell their old products to someone in another city or even another nation! With codeready's easy-to-use Letgo clone script, you can quickly create and launch your own platform. Our staff guarantees that your platform is customised to match your company needs and is updated to reflect current user trends and security best practises.


Revenue Model

Users can purchase and sell goods and services through online C2C marketplaces, which function as intermediaries. These companies charge little fees to their users but are still extremely successful, with valuations in the millions. Let's have a look at how our Letgo clone will make money:


Charging a modest fee to the sellers is a simple method of generating revenue.

Promoted Content:

Allowing sellers to undertake promotional campaigns will increase income from their goods and services.

Premium Services:

Subscription plans will allow you to charge a premium for additional features.

Ad Syndicates:

Feature syndicated third-party adverts on designated sections or pages.


Letgo, for example, is made up of three platforms: buyer, seller, and admin. The three platforms collaborate to provide a seamless experience. The codeready Letgo clone includes with premium features that target every area of the app, which are listed below:

Inventory Management

Allows the seller to track and manage the status of their items and services on the marketplace with pinpoint accuracy.

Catalogue Management

Sellers have the ability to easily add and remove items from their catalogue.

Independent Profile Page

Assists the seller in marketing their business online and reaching a larger audience.

Interactive Dashboard

Allows vendors to see how their products are performing and learn about market trends.

Optimized Search & Filters

Buyers can search for products easier and make purchases faster on your platform.

Hassle-free Login

Apart from email login, buyers can use their social media accounts to access their profiles.

Diverse Payments Options

Empowers the buyer to check out with their orders through their preferred payment option.

Notifications Management

Alerts the buyers about product availability, discounted sales and other events.

User Management

Administrator can track user behaviour and also delegate responsibilities to authorised personnel.

Content Management

Control all types of media and content on the platform. Also acts as a channel to disseminate information.

Insights & Analytics

Collect data on the different aspects of the platform to understand emerging market trends.

Advertising & Promotions

Generate revenue by featuring advertisements and attract more users by hosting promotional events.

Technology Stack

In the construction of Letgo clone apps, we employ the most up-to-date programming languages and technologies.



A powerful, highly adaptable, secure, and popular programming language for Android development.

Android Studio

The official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing apps for Google's Android operating system.



Apple's open-source programming language for creating immersive apps for iOS and macOS.


A software development package that makes creating and launching iOS apps simple.



A PHP web framework that contains security, authentication, communication, and configuration that is used to develop a range of services.


An open-source database management system that prioritises efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability.

App & Web Demos

To learn more about the capabilities and functions of our Letgo clone script, watch our live demos.

User Demo

As a user, you can enjoy the appealing and simple layout.

Admin Demo

As an admin, you may control every aspect of your organisation from the backend.


Yes, the platform may be adjusted to support different languages depending on your geographic area and intended demographic.
Yes, all of our Android and iOS products are created as native apps. This guarantees that the open source code for the Letgo clone is optimised for the target operating system, ensuring performance, security, and stability.
Our Letgo clone software and services are completely white-labeled. This ensures that you have complete control over your product. Furthermore, we do not encrypt any component of the software, allowing you to fully configure and edit the Letgo clone features.
We do not impose any protocols that may slow down the performance of your application. Because our products come with a lifetime user licence, you can use them without restriction.
We assist you with the installation of the software on the proper servers in addition to designing and customising the product to your specifications. There's also an after-sales programme that lets you update and enhance your application to meet new problems.

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