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Do you want to help people celebrate in style, or simply introduce a new way to travel with swag? A limousine is the ideal solution for making any occasion memorable. You can start a profitable and long-lasting business network by using our limo management software. Our carefully curated solutions incorporate the best market practises, providing your product with a competitive advantage.

Limousine Management
Software Features


To make your platform stand out from the crowd, we inherit the best features that focus on scalability and performance.

Price Calculator When planning their travel budget, customers can view the pricing for various routes.
Order Customization Customers can personalise their ride by purchasing additional add-ons such as beverages, food, WiFi, and other services.
Instant Matching Customers will warm up to drivers almost immediately. This allows them to save time and enjoy your services more quickly.
Real-time Tracking Customers can monitor the status and location of the dispatched limousine in real time.
Simplified Navigation The driver will be given the passengers' pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as an optimised route to get to them as quickly as possible.
Invoice Management The platform automatically generates a detailed invoice that includes information about the passenger's routes and other services.
Fleet Management In real-time, the administrator can track the status and location of dispatched and vacant limousines.
Payroll Processing The system precisely calculates the drivers' earnings, and the admin can disburse wages immediately.
Surge Pricing To reflect the increase in demand, the admin can temporarily raise the platform's fare prices.

Limo Software For All Your Business Needs


To reflect the increase in demand, the admin can temporarily raise the platform's fare prices.

Tourism and Hospitality

Hotel chains can use our solutions to provide a premium holiday experience to their guests and travellers.

Media and Entertainment

Stars and other glitterati will be transported via an exclusive and exciting transportation platform.

Event Management

Provide limousine services for all types of celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Technology We Use


Using a variety of programming software, we create dynamic applications for your company.

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Java Native Interface and Android Studio aid in the development of immersive mobile apps.

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Swift 4.2 and Xcode are used for iOS and MacOS app development, respectively.

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PHP, Laravel, and MySQL aid in the development of robust online platforms.

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Adobe XD is used to create visually appealing and functional layouts.

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Our applications are built to run on Linux, Windows, and AWS servers.

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API Integration

To provide precise locations and improve navigation, the Google Maps API is used.

Live Demo

Request a free demo of our limousine dispatch software to get a firsthand look at the various features and functionalities of our dynamic platform.


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You can provide details of the application features, platform color scheme, language options, payment gateways and more. Moreover, our business expert will guide you through the entire process and offer invaluable suggestions to improve your project.

Yes, once the server is set up, our developers will process the software installation within a stipulated time frame.

The booking software posses a unified portal where drivers can upload their identification documents and the platform admin can verify those files. This helps streamline the entire authentication process.

You can integrate any type of payment option into the platform. Hence, your customers can settle payments using credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets, and others.

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