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Multi-Vendor E-commerce Script Development

Are you looking for a Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Script?
the powerful script in code ready software will ensure that your product stands out from the crowd.

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Multi-Vendor E-commerce - Script Development

Integrate many vendors, brands, and categories with ease to create your white-labeled multi-vendor E-commerce script. You can effortlessly mix purchasing and selling processes with our Open Source E-commerce marketplace Software. With our powerful admin dashboard, you can keep track of all your operations in real time. You can control both iOS and Android platforms with our PHP Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart solution. In brief, our multi-vendor E-commerce script will ensure that your things sell like hotcakes.

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Our Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Package Includes


Android and iOS Apps

Both the iOS and Android platforms are fully compatible with our E-commerce script. In both of these platforms, we offer the best in-app features as well as simple installation.

Admin Dashboard

We give a rich and all-powerful admin dashboard that allows you to control and monitor the app's usage.

Vendor Dashboard

All of your on-boarded vendors will have access to the Vendor Dashboard, where they may enter information regarding stock and other areas of the business.

White Labeling

We create the greatest white-labeled script for your company, and it's completely yours.

100% Source Code Ownership

The script will be custom-made for you, and you will have all ownership rights, including all adjustments.


Your script is completely confidential, and you are the sole owner of it. You were the only one who had access to all you needed.

Our Multi-Vendor Marketplace Features

  • Many Vendors
    Many Vendors, One Store

    Product inventories from several sellers will be consolidated into a single store that bears your brand's identity.

  • Vendor Profile
    Vendor Profile

    Depending on their membership plans, each seller will be granted a unique profile and will be able to have an unlimited amount of products.

  • Vendor Plan and subscription
    Vendor Plan and subscription

    Admins can create multiple membership plans for sellers to subscribe to based on price, and their subscription plans will be alerted.

  • Admin
    Product Approval by Admin

    With full admin authority, review and approve new products. Without admin approval, vendors cannot offer things directly on the marketplace.

  • Manage Vendors
    Manage Vendors/Customers

    The site administrator has complete control over, management of, and blocking of vendor and customer accounts.

  • Shipping Management
    Seller Shipping Management

    Vendors can contact the shipment service provider directly, add and track products being shipped from the warehouse.

  • Flexible Commissions
    Flexible Commissions

    Admins can charge set or percentage-based commissions for each vendor sale depending on different subscription options.

  • Mobile Commerce
    Mobile Commerce

    Enhance user interaction and conversion rates by acquiring personally crafted native mobile apps for your E-commerce marketplace.

  • Vendor Management
    Vendor Management

    Handle a large number of merchants on your site, specify preferred commission rates, and instantly check vendor information.

Start Your Multi-vendor E-commerce
Marketplace Store

Increase the size of your catalogue and E-commerce business by a factor of ten. In terms of revenue generating, warehouse storage is a big no. In this situation, the entire marketplace, which is integrated with the E-commerce paradigm, can assist in solving the problem. Buyers can create orders for numerous items that are divided according to code ready software's Multi-Vendor E-commerce platform.


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Yes, we will integrate widely used payment gateways in the script.

Of course, we provide the post delivery maintenance to our clients as per agreement.

Yes, we ensure complete testing of the app is carried out, and the script is delivered to you bug free.

Yes, you can customize the script as per your requirements.

Yes, we ensure that the app is glitch free and ready to be used.

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