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Build your own video on demand and media streaming platform immediately to rewrite the rules of the entertainment network. You may create the best app using codeready's customised Netflix clone script, which can entertain you with millions of TV series and movies. From adding functionality to changing the front-end UI, our highly scalable and versatile app will meet all of your needs. All types of online series, live streaming shows, original documentaries, and movies of all genres can be combined into a single app. Improve the consumer experience with our beautifully designed Netflix-style app. Increase your revenue by immortalising your streaming software in the eyes of this new generation of entertainment seekers.

Services Included in Netflix Clone

Netflix Clone

Video Management

Admin can easily manage the videos that are uploaded to the website based on the channel users.


Category Management

Keep your users separated and organised, and deliver messages to everyone in your teams and departments.


Profile Management

Users can establish their own profiles with unique options on their own.


Social Media Sharing

Users can share a video they enjoy with others using social media sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter, among others.


Ratings and Reviews

Users can rate and review a video, which is then visible to other users.



Users will never have to miss another video. A notification can be sent with any upload.

Our Package includes


Social Media Login

Join up for the app using Facebook or Google+ instead of having to encourage your users to sign up separately using an email address or phone number.


Search Module

Users can utilise the app's search tool to find the film they're looking for based on Titles, Actors, and Genres.


Real-Time Notification

With the use of quick notifications, our Netflix-like software keeps users up to date on the latest videos broadcast by a certain channel.


Profile Page

On this page, you may manage your basic profile settings. On the app, you may see all of your activity.


Dynamic Admin Dashboard

An effective admin dashboard that displays data in real-time gives you complete control over app activity.



The Netflix app has been improved. Designed with pure technology knowledge to aid businesses in their success.

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What We Offer

Mobile Apps

For excellent execution, whitelabel iOS and Android apps for your users and providers, completely created in native iOS and Android source code.

Web App

A feature-rich front end website where your users and providers can log in, search for movies, watch them, rate them, and share them with others.

Admin Dashboard

You also get a comprehensive Admin Dashboard that allows you to manage your entire business, from authenticating and approving different user groups to introducing new payment methods.

100% Customizable

Personalize your mobile app on any platform, iOS or Android, from the admin dashboard to the user experience, according to your business needs.

Credit Card & Paypal

Paypal Mobile SDK and Stripe Credit Card Processing are the default methods accessible in MaxFlix. On request, we can add more.

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Types of Video On Demand



If you want to watch any video on demand, TVOD, or Transactional Video On Demand, is here to help. It provides viewers with high-quality video content while allowing them to pay for each video separately.


Catch-up TV

Catch-up TV is the ideal solution for individuals who do not want to miss their favourite television programmes. Customers can watch the show via the VOD service hours or even days after it originally aired. As a result, consumers can watch shows whenever they have free time.


Subscription Models

Instead of paying every month to watch films online, the Subscription VOD (SVOD) business model, which is similar to Amazon Video, Netflix, and HBO, allows users to access an infinite number of programmes for a small monthly fee.


Near Video On Demand

What do multi-channel broadcasters prefer? Well, using high-bandwidth, they use Near Video On Demand or NVOD which is a type of on-demand video service that has schedule times designated in advance. The audience can enjoy a pay-per-view service seamlessly.


Push Video On Demand

By delivering material to your viewers' set-top boxes, you may make it much easier for them to find videos. The Push Video On Demand concept might surprise viewers with fascinating and tailored material even if they haven't tried looking for it.


Advertising Video On Demand

Want to reach as many people as possible by advertising on broadcast and cable channels? Advertising Video On Demand is a cutting-edge VOD method that doubles as a revenue generator for advertisers.




Multiple Social Logins

Using numerous social plugins, allow your viewers to connect with their family and friends. Allow people to share the most recent movies and videos they've seen on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


User-Friendly Dashboard

Do you want to give your viewers a memorable experience? The clone app script from codeready provides an appealing, user-friendly dashboard that may assist customers in easily using all of the features.


Inbuilt Video Player

With an easy-to-use inbuilt player, you can watch a limitless amount of videos. Users may watch films at their leisure thanks to an abundance of navigation controls and features.


Advanced Search Options

Our Netflix Clone script ensures that customers can find films with ease thanks to an advanced search module option. Our search categories include TV programme names, movie titles, actors, genres, directors, and many others.


Feature-rich Admin Panel

With a comprehensive Admin Panel, you can manage any module, from uploading videos to managing the database of user information. Our video-streaming clone programme script is jam-packed with cutting-edge features. Allow your viewers to choose from a variety of customised video categories.


Admin Managed Blogs

Notify your users about new documentaries, web series, and subscription deals. Create new, unique content to pique their interest. Allow your administrators to handle this through blogs and keep things up to date.


Profile Management

Do you want to log into your application without having to think about it? Allow your users to quickly establish their own customised profiles. Allow them to add videos to their watchlist and review their viewing history.


Content Management

From a single location, organise and manage all video material for your Netflix Clone application. Admins may easily handle everything from TV series to movies with codeready's script.


User Management

The ‘user management' module allows you to keep track of your customer database and all of your users' information. Keep track of their actions by counting the number of users who have signed up for various plans.


Advanced Filter Options

Provide your users with the advanced filter tool to make the tedious task of looking for a movie a little easier. Filtering videos based on several characteristics such as 'New Releases,' 'Most Popular,' 'Recently uploaded,' and so on makes searching a breeze.


Reviews & Ratings

Do you want to know what your video-streaming platform's users think? Allow your users to rate the movies and leave honest feedback. Recognize your users' preferences for video. Get a deeper understanding of your app and how to improve it.


Reports & Statistics Management

This function allows you to analyse and comprehend the performance of your website or mobile application. Allow your app's administrator to examine usage statistics and generate relevant reports in order to maximise the app's potential.

Industries We Serve

If you want to push the boundaries of education, our clone app can assist you with distant learning, virtual classrooms, research, conducting research, concerts, and events.
Lead the enterprise business by communicating your message using our app, which allows you to provide services such as webcasting (unicast or multicast), training, meetings, and conferences.
To effectively advertise your local event on a global level, consider concerts, stage performances, conferences, press events, and commencements.
You may grow your sports fan following by using codeready's clone app. Webcasting, training, monitoring, providing security, and organising meetings and conferences are all things that can be done without harming your budget.
Our Netflix clone app can help you reach the right audience anywhere in the world right from your place of worship. Live video solutions can assist you in effectively communicating your message.
You can use codeready's technology to access the services of one of the world's biggest streaming service providers. This offers free subscription plans, high-definition simultaneous streaming, and multi-device support.
Netflix Clone Script

Toggling Availability

Our clients value our ability to deliver and stretch services for the creation of Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web-Hosting, UX & UI designs, Digital Marketing, Support, and related services.

  • iconSurfing or skimming through several videos is a great way for video viewers on the hunt for interesting material.
  • iconEvery video they choose to include in their own magazine must belong to one of the categories or include a well-known musician.
  • iconEvery viewer will be able to streamline the content they want to see and share with their fellow viewers thanks to the revised app concept.
  • iconViewers will be introduced to numerous hidden yet significant videos on the platform by categorising the views.
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Yes, you can use as many well-known international payment gateways as you wish. However, it will also be determined by your company's needs.
Yes, as per the agreement, we can undertake end-to-end testing for your clone app. Our developers follow all of the development process's established rules and test everything at every stage.
Yes, every script provided by codeready is adaptable and robust enough to accommodate any type of customization. You can change or even add new features to your app after it has been delivered. We have a dedicated team of developers who can help you customise your app to meet your specific needs. You may rest guaranteed that the finished result will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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