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The all-new Flipboard will let you combine the best stories from across the world, allowing all of your readers to obtain news from all over the world in one spot. It's going to be utilised by a million people every day. Claim your own Flipboard-style app, redesigned to bring together news, famous stories, breaking news, and conversations from all corners of the globe around any topic or passion.

services include

newsinshorts clone script

Push Notifications

Keep your readers up to date with Google Cloud Messaging-powered push alerts to Android and iOS.

newsinshorts clone script

Dynamic Categories

Sort the information into categories and make it easy to browse and locate what you're looking for.

newsinshorts clone script


To simply load and scroll through the news, use the elegant swipe up or swipe down gesture.

newsinshorts clone script


Simply hit the share icon to share the content with your friends or on social media.

newsinshorts clone script

Swift News

Content is admin-moderated and to-the-point to provide you with sharp, quick, and crisp news.

newsinshorts clone script

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Do you want to read the entire news storey? Don't be concerned. You may load the complete content without leaving the app with our In-app-bser.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Solutions We Offer

Turnkey Solution

All of our goods are ready-to-use. You can launch with ZERO time-to-market, gain the biggest market share, and become the market leader while everyone else catches up.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard gives you complete control over the online and mobile apps. Push alerts, content moderation, user roles, and category administration have all been simplified.

Scalable Product

PBN's backend server is extremely stable and scalable. If your marketing ambitions are ambitious, this is the best gamble you can make.

Whitelabel Solution

For our customers, the entire product is white-labeled. We provide you complete freedom to rebrand and innovate with our product.

Cost Effective

At every level, the cost of this fantastic script is cheaper than that of similar scripts on the market. This, we believe, is the most effective means of assisting fellow entrepreneurs in realising their ambitions.

Native Mobile Apps

The script includes native Android and iOS apps that have been expertly created and optimised for performance.

APP Features

  • Instant Social Share

    Have you come upon a fantastic article that you'd want to share with your friends? With a simple tap of the share button, you can do so.

  • Read More in-app

    With our in-app browser, you can read the entire news from the source publication. In another browser, the links do not work.

  • Refresh news

    After scrolling through many posts, simply click the Refresh button to return to the top of the news and load the most recent content.

  • Easy-access Categories

    For the convenience of the reader, all news is organised into categories. By simply picking the category, you can read only the news that interests you.

Paid Plugin

newsinshorts clone script

Bitcoin Wallet Integration $1000

Integrate our bitcoin wallet and start trading with thousands and millions of bitcoin users globally. Highly secured and seamless.

newsinshorts clone script

RSS Feed $249

This feature enables you to Auto-Publish posts from any RSS feed as and when they are made. No additional work required from admin side.

newsinshorts clone script

Scheduled Posts $99

Write news content and schedule them to go live at different intervals. This option comes with scheduled news upload and push notification as well.

newsinshorts clone script

Ad Integration $299

Showcase other products or give space for advertising other products. An easier way to market and earn more at the same time.

newsinshorts clone script

Favorite News $249

An option for the readers to favorite News that they like. These News and content can be viewed again from the favorite category in the categories option.

newsinshorts clone script

Full Posts $499

Have content that far exceeds your limit? Post your excerpt on the main page and link it to the full post present within your website itself. This feature also provides options in the admin dashboard to create full page post.

What We Offer


No, but we do offer an installation kit that will help you get your app up and running quickly. We recommend Digital Ocean server because it meets all of the app's needs.

The deployment of the App Store and Play Store is handled by a separate Installation Package, which our efficient team will take up and complete in no time. You will also need to obtain a Google and Apple developer account and provide us with the credentials, and our professionals will keep you updated throughout the process.

No, our Installation Package only includes deployment to a live server; it does not include deployment to a localhost or local workstation.

If you buy a digital ocean server, you can have your website up and running in 48 hours. It can take up to 48 hours to upload files for Android and iOS app submissions, after which the mobile app stores must assess the app in submission (The app goes live when the app stores complete the review).

Modifying or altering the code is severely discouraged. If the script is changed, our staff will be unable to continue working on it, and the support package will be terminated.

If you purchased the installation help package, you will not be eligible for a refund once the product is delivered to you. We do not accept any returns for source code purchases due to the code's high level of vulnerability. If you run into any problems during the installation, our professionals will be available to help you via Skype or email. Before you buy, we urge that you check over the feature list carefully and test them out in the demo. If you have any difficulties or questions with the script after you purchase it, you will receive free tech assistance by live chat, email, and Skype.

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