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100% customizable TikTok clone

Launch a fun-to-use, intuitive video sharing service that is fully customizable with TikTok clone. Enjoy world-class features like destructive messages, video filters, social media sharing options and more. Experience our TikTok/Dubsmash clone app. Get started today.

TikTok clone app script

What is a TikTok clone & Dubsmash clone?

Video sharing has taken the world by storm and is quickly becoming the most popular social media app. Users use this platform to express themselves and be entertained for the rest of the world to see. There has been no slowdown in the market, and many businesses are vying for a piece of the tasty pie. Create your own app with our TikTok Clone Script, Dubsmash Clone Script, and Musically Clone Script to keep users glued to their devices for hours. Our TikTok Like App Development service provides you with the most advanced app with cutting-edge features to keep you always on the hot page!

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TikTok clone app script

The salient features you get with our
TikTok Clone script

TikTok clone app

Song/Audio Selection

Users can pick and choose their favourite pieces or even submit their own music to create a unique video and audio dubsmash.

Dubsmash clone app

Dubbing and Video Selfie

This software feature allows users to easily record performances or custom audio-dubbed videos.

Dubsmash clone app

Picture filters and stickers

Users can add additional filters, messages, stickers, and more to their media or music-dubbed video and post it on their profile, with others, or even via social media platforms to make the content genuinely unique.

Dubsmash clone app

Multi-Video/Picture sharing

Users can receive views by sharing their media or dubbed music video under specific categories on their profile, other profiles, or social media channels.

Dubsmash clone app

Create your Channel

Create your own channel that is tailored to your specific requirements. Users can choose to make their channel public or private, depending on their service provider's privacy settings.

Dubsmash clone app

News Feed

Your user will see content posted by the relevant profiles or channels based on his or her followings or follows. The news feed will be updated on a regular basis with the most recent posts, covering global and local trending topics and more.

Dubsmash clone app

View user profile

With just a few clicks, you can see a variety of user profiles. Like and follow profiles and channels for a regular news feed based on your preferences.

Dubsmash clone app

View & Like posts

People can share, like, and comment on their favourite content from a variety of users and channels.

Dubsmash clone app

Group Chats

Users of the app can form unique groups with other users in which they can send and receive messages as well as share material such as photos and videos.

Dubsmash clone app

Media Attachment

The app allowUsers can share photos and music-dubbed videos with individual people, groups, or through their profile or channel.

Dubsmash clone app

Report user

Maintain the app's quality by reporting suspicious users, profiles, or channels, as well as suspicious content shared through the app.

Dubsmash clone app

Additional settings

The user can edit their personal settings, examine app details, invite relatives and friends, submit a question to the app administrator, and much more.

Why Choose infograins TikTok Clone

Code ready software has devoted its resources to developing the most distinctive and cutting-edge application possible in order to keep users engaged and delighted throughout the process. We are the right choice to help you bring your idea to life because of our years of study and successful development of several social media apps.

musically clone app

100% Customizable Solutions

Our TikTok Clone Script can be easily adjusted to meet your specific requirements. Integrate a variety of video-based social media networks, such as video selfie apps, music and video dubbing social applications, live video streaming apps, and more.

musically clone app

In-App Purchase integration

Clients can monetize their apps by taking fees from users in exchange for access to particular features.

musically clone app

Advanced Prebuilt Scripts

Your app may be planned and developed quickly, and released on all major platforms with ease, thanks to our prebuilt state-of-the-art video selfie script, video dubbing script, music-video dubbing script, and other services.

musically clone app

Scalable Design

Our cutting-edge Musically Clone Apps have been dubbed the safest and most efficient software available.

musically clone app

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language

Provide a global audience with their preferred language and the region's native currency based on their location.

musically clone app


The Dubsmash Clone app has a unique marketing function that allows users to share referrals with their friends and family and be compensated for it. These options can be changed at the discretion of the administrator.

musically clone app

SEO Friendly

Our built-in SEO tool allows the app to rank higher by allowing it to be indexed faster. Designed to be a joy to work on for SEO professionals.

musically clone app


Our TikTok was specifically constructed with advanced inbuilt chatbot monitoring systems to assure user engagement.

musically clone app


You will obtain the most secure app on the market, which has undergone extensive testing to prevent any unintentional hacking or service interruption.

What your TikTok clone app will look like


Yes, post delivery you will own the entire source code. We will deploy the app in all major platforms and your server as well.

No, there is no limit to the number of users that can join your app. But if you like, you can customize the same as per your requirements.

Yes, the team will provide all the necessary technical support as per agreement.

Yes, our stellar development team will be delighted to help you with your customization needs.

Yes, the payment with us will be One Time only. No hidden costs will be included.

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