Our versatile Uber for X app caters to all kinds of
On-Demand Services

On-demand services are extremely beneficial. Managing diverse business processes can be difficult given the vast extent of how frequently clients seek them. Developing a versatile smartphone application is the most efficient means of handling and catering on-demand services to a large number of customers. Our Uber for X clone app is the best way to accomplish it.

Tell us about your area of expertise. With our on-demand app development solution, you can launch an exceptional smartphone software in no time, whether it's for transportation, logistics, beauty, delivery, or household services.

Uber for X App Features

Sign in / Sign upCustomers can sign up for your app or use their social media credentials to register. They can save and retrieve information at any time after registering.

GPS Real-time TrackingMake it easy for your customers to see where your service agents are on a map in real time. They will be able to determine the service agent's estimated arrival time as a result of this.

Push NotificationsKeep your customers up to date on the status of their service reservations with timely alerts. It contains information such as order confirmation, payment confirmation, and more.

Multiple Payment OptionsCustomers can pay for the services they want in a variety of ways. They have the option of paying with cash, debit/credit card, or online.

Book ServicesAllow your customers to choose from a list of services using an intuitive user interface that allows them to browse your app's catalogue with ease.

RatingsService providers can rate customers in terms of their politeness of availing the service and more.

GPS Real-time TrackingService providers will be able to view pick up points and the location of customers to ensure that they reach their destinations accurately.

Accept or Reject RequestsThe time period between which service providers wish to be available at can be set up and attended to accordingly.

In-app Chat and CallsIn order to reach customers for clarifications and inquiries, service providers will be able to contact them via in-app chat and calls.

Push NotificationsService providers can view real-time alerts that will keep them updated about the requests they receive. It includes cancellations, change of orders, and more.

Earnings DashboardService providers can view how much they’ve earned over time in this section.

DashboardAdmins can get a bird’s eye view of ongoing service requests, earnings, and more.

Content Management SystemThe content within the app can be modified and updated at any time with this feature.

Push NotificationsAdmins will be able to send custom notifications to customers and service providers regarding new features and add-ons.

Manual OperationsService agents can be manually assigned by admins in order to manage and complete service requests.

Manage Media ContentEdit, add, and remove videos and images in your mobile software.

Live ChatOffer customers the feature to contact support and service providers via in-app chat.

VOIP - Based Call MaskingHide the phone numbers of service agents and customers when they contact each other to improve security.

Multi-language SupportMake your app easy-to-use and to understand for a global audience without language limits.

What you will get with our
Uber for X Custom Solution

To create your versatile on-demand service providing smartphone application, our experienced team of developers uses a robust, reliable, and bug-free Uber for X script. The scripts are not only simple to modify and scale, but they also fit into all of the devices on which you want your app to be available. Smartphones, PCs, and tablets all fall into this category.

We've put together an Uber for X app development package that includes key components like:

  • Customer
    Android App

  • Customer
    iOS App

  • Customer
    Web Panel

  • Service Provider
    Android App

  • Service Provider
    iOS App

  • Service Provider
    Web Panel

  • Agent
    Web Panel

  • Admin
    Web Panel

  • Official

Uber for X App
Development Process

  • 1

    Getting to know youWe're very interested in hearing what you're after and what your project ideas are. We work tirelessly to understand everything you require as soon as you contact us.

  • 2

    Demo AppAfter hearing your requirements, we put together the most important elements and create a demo app to show you how the app will look and feel.

  • 3

    DevelopmentWe'll start sculpting your software after you've used the demo app and confirmed your app development order.

  • 4

    CustomizeAdding logos, customising themes, and adding multiple languages and currencies to the application can all be done during the development process.

  • 5

    TestingAfter we've finished adding features, a user interface, and other elements to your Uber for X app, it'll be thoroughly tested to ensure that it runs smoothly.

  • 6

    LaunchYour app will be released on all of the platforms you specify once you've given your final approval.

Uber for X Solutions

All of these on-demand services are covered by our Uber-like app.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Uber for TaxiWhether you already have a running taxi service or want to get into the lucrative taxi business, an Uber for taxi services allows you to efficiently manage a fleet of vehicles from a small piece of software.

  • Uber for TruckLaunch an Uber for trucking app that allows shippers, truckers, and administrators to communicate with one another in real time. Your trucking app will be a huge hit if it has robust features that keep all parties involved in the process informed.

  • Uber for Tow TruckWhen a vehicle breaks down, finding the nearest tow truck can be a major hassle. Create an easy-to-use Uber for tow truck app that customers can use to quickly hire a tow truck.

  • Uber for Airport TaxiCreate a world-class app that allows customers to book private taxis to and from the airport. You can easily manage fleets of vehicles with an Uber for airport taxi app.

Food Delivery

  • Uber for Cloud KitchenDo you own a restaurant that specialises in preparing food for delivery only? Launch a robust Uber for food delivery app to reach out to more customers and receive more food delivery requests.

  • Uber for Grocery DeliveryCustomers dislike having to wait in long lines at the checkout counter to pay for their groceries. With an Uber for Grocery app, you can offer them the convenience of having their groceries delivered to their door.

  • Uber for Alcohol DeliveryWith an Uber for alcohol app, you can boost your liquor business's chances. With a wealth of features and a simple user interface, you'll be able to quickly expand your customer base.

  • Uber for Pizza DeliveryDeliver pizza to your customers in the most efficient and modern way possible, which is through a comprehensive smartphone app. Increase the number of orders you receive and the amount of money you make.

Home Services

  • Uber for Lawn MowingWith an outstanding Uber for lawn mowing smartphone application, you can provide lawn mowing services to interested consumers. It would only take a few swipes and taps for your consumers to benefit from your knowledge.

  • Uber for Car WashDo you run a car-care company? Build a fully complete Uber for car wash app to expand the scope of your business. Respond to consumer requests with a single tap.

  • Uber for PaintingAre you looking for a wonderful way to expand your painting business's consumer base? Then you'll need a smartphone app like Uber for painting. Begin right now.

  • Uber for PlumbersLaunch an Uber for plumbers app to provide a variety of services at the touch of a button, such as pipe fitting, leak repairs, and more. Your clients will appreciate how useful your software is.

Hospital & Medical Consultation

  • Uber for HealthWith an Uber for health app, you may provide your medical expertise to a large number of patients. Provide them with useful tools like appointment scheduling, GPS tracking, and more.

  • Uber for PharmacyDo you want to attract more clients to your pharmacy? Then you'll need a pharmacy-specific Uber app. Modern elements, such as GPS real-time tracking and more, are included in the delivery of medicines.

  • Uber for Alcohol DeliveryWith an Uber for alcohol app, you can boost your booze business's chances. With a wealth of functionality and a simple user interface, you'll be able to quickly expand your customer base.

  • Uber for AmbulanceProvide consumers with an Uber for ambulance app that allows them to easily book emergency medical services. All individuals need to do to book an ambulance with an app is push a button.

  • Uber for MarijuanaLaunching an Uber for marijuana app is the perfect choice if you own a marijuana business and want to offer your services to a larger customer base. Deliver marijuana on-demand in a cost-effective manner.

Beauty & Wellness

  • Uber for MassageWith an Uber for massage app, you can connect your experienced team of massage therapists with interested customers. Customers can use the software to make reservations, receive e-receipts, and more.

  • Uber for FitnessIf you're a fitness coach or have a team of personal trainers, using an Uber for fitness app is the most efficient approach to reach a large range of customers.

  • Uber for Spa Making appointments and sitting through extended wait times are a burden for spa consumers. With a full Uber for spa app, provide them with the convenience of booking spa treatments right at their doorstep.

  • Uber for HaircutHaircut salons are frequently packed, and obtaining an appointment is difficult. Using an Uber for haircuts app, provide amazing haircut services. Customers will appreciate how easy it is to use your software.

Travel & Tourism

  • Uber for Hotel BookingAre you a service provider for a variety of hotel services? With an Uber for hotel booking app, you can encourage clients to utilise your services more frequently. A mobile software's ease is unrivalled.

  • Uber for Travel AgentsIt can be difficult to get customers for your travel services, but not with a smartphone app. Create a sophisticated Uber for travel agents app and watch your customer base increase.

  • Uber for Tour GuidesMake your expertise in guiding tourists available to them through smartphone apps that they may utilise whenever they need it. You can increase your revenue by using an Uber for tour guide app.

Benefits of using our Uber for X App

Our team at code ready software has considerable experience developing a wide range of smartphone applications, allowing us to push industry boundaries and create cutting-edge software for your company's demands.

  • Complete ScalabilityOur software is designed to grow with your company, allowing you to scale up your application with ease.

  • 100% CustomizableDesign, alter, change, add, and delete a range of aspects in your smartphone app using our solutions, which provide complete customizability.

  • Reliable ScriptsWe employ bug-free, simple-to-understand, and changeable scripts to ensure that your programme runs well.

  • Cater to a Global AudienceMake your Uber for X app multilingual and multicurrency so that people from all around the world can use it without any problems.

  • PromotionsOffer your customers tempting deals and discounts, which will result in more customers and money.

Technology We Used for Uber for X Solution

We use the Best Technologies in developing your Uber for X App.


It provides all Uber-like capabilities for your business needs, such as GPS real-time tracking, numerous payment choices, and more.

The Uber for X app is a flexible piece of software that can be customised to fit any company's needs. That includes things like attractiveness, transportation, logistics, and more.

It will be determined by a variety of factors, including the size of your app and the number of features it will include.

An Uber for X app is the best answer for you if you want to reach a wide audience while also increasing your revenue.

Our development team can create your software for a variety of operating systems and devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and more.

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