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With the expansion of on-demand services, the market is in desperate need of excellent service providers to fulfil the rising demand. However, a simple app will not suffice to penetrate the market. The tech sector need a superb software that assesses customers' needs and promptly connects them to the most appropriate service provider. Apps built using our UrbanClap Clone Script provide a robust application with cutting-edge features to meet the growing demand for a one-stop service marketplace. Our UrbanClap Like Software Development services ensure that you obtain your smart app in a timely manner while staying inside your budget.Let's get started on your billion-dollar tale right now, now that we've got your attention!

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How it Works?

Step 1:
User selects a service

Step 2:
User defines the task

Step 3:
Choose from available service providers

Step 4:
Service provider arrives at the location.

Step 5:
Task completed

Step 6:
Payment made

Step 7:
Ratings and Reviews

Why Choose codeready - UrbanClap Clone

UrbanClap Clone Saves your time

Our time-saving tool saves you time by avoiding the time-consuming process of searching for service providers online and calling untrustworthy people. All service providers found through the app will be vetted at the discretion of the client.

UrbanClap Clone is highly secured

The software undergoes a series of security tests to guarantee that its performance is unaffected by any unforeseen attack. Service providers' contact information and ratings are verified and cannot be changed.


The app is made to make things easier. Users may quickly search for and select their service requirements from a variety of options. The user interface does not require any prior training, and users can browse with ease.

UrbanClap Clone
UrbanClap Clone

Glitch-free Communication

The software allows service providers and service seekers to communicate directly with one another. It is no longer necessary to exchange contact information or keep track of the dialogue.

Easy Online-Payment

Users can easily pay online with a debit or credit card, digital payment applications, or other methods. This alleviates the need to maintain cash on hand and makes it easier to keep track of payments.

How to Make Money?

The app is built to be a viable money-making machine while maintaining a high level of user experience and service. Clients can add as many revenue streams as they like to the programme.


Ads may be easily included into the app without interfering with the user interface. The app is built to easily support a variety of ad spaces.


The admin can collect the required commissions as per the arrangement with service providers when the user pays for the services given.

Sponsored Profiles

As per the client's discretion or agreement, service providers might pay more to be ranked first or to be displayed on the top search.


Multi-Payment Integration

UrbanClap clone app

Our UrbanClap Clone Script is simple to integrate with a variety of widely used payment methods. Users can make payments using a debit/credit card, online digital payment apps, or other methods that you choose.

Multi-Currency Integration

UrbanClap clone app

Users can use their local currencies to pay for the services they use. This improves user ease while also reaching out to a worldwide audience.

Social media login

UrbanClap clone app

Users may easily login to the app using their social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, and others, thanks to the UrbanClap Clone.


UrbanClap clone app

Service seekers might use keywords to find what they're looking for. To save time, the app will display information such as location, price, and rating.

Multi-Language Integration

UrbanClap clone script

Integrate many languages with ease, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and others, to cater to a global audience.

In-app messaging

UrbanClap clone script

This tool allows service seekers and suppliers to chat directly. This eliminates the need to exchange personal information while also keeping track of the dialogue.


Yes, our cutting-edge UrbanClap Clone Script is completely adaptable and can easily accommodate all of your needs.

You will be the sole owner of your application's source code. As part of the agreement, the app will be hosted on your company's website.

There will be no limit to the number of service providers who join your app based on your needs. You can, however, limit the amount of people if you choose.

Yes, our staff will be happy to help you with all of your post-launch app upgrade needs.

No, the software is set up to allow an unlimited number of people to join and use its features.

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