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Holiday Rental Booking Script

Vacation has become synonymous with vacationing. It is a business that has never experienced a downturn in decades. Vacation planning has evolved rapidly as technology has advanced and the reach of high-speed internet has expanded. With the growing market for convenience, an advanced app that covers all aspects of vacation could be the next billion-dollar success storey. Apps created with our Holiday Rental Booking Script open the door to your Vacation Rental Business, containing powerful features that will establish you as the market's one-stop vacation genius. Convinced? Let’s start!

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How Market (vacation Rental Script) Work?

How does our

Vacation Rental Script

help start your Vacation Rental business?

  • Our Travel Booking Script will help you quickly become the leader in the Vacation Rental Sector.
  • The cutting-edge Vacation Rental Script includes powerful features such as social media login, which allows guests and hosts to log in using their social media profile such as Facebook, Google+, or others.
  • After logging in, hosts will be greeted with a cutting-edge holiday rental platform designed to post/list or rent out properties anywhere in the world.
  • Guests can select from a variety of rental options via an interactive user interface designed to enhance their booking experience.
  • To cater to a global audience, your Vacation Rental Platform can be customised to support multiple languages and currencies.

Our Package Will Include

We deliver the most advanced development solutions for your business and offer the following top-notch services:

Android App For User and Provider

Our cutting-edge Android App provides users with superior performance.

iOS App For User and Provider

With our cutting-edge iOS App, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Admin Panel

The powerful admin panel provides trouble-free operation in conjunction with an effective monitoring system.

Features of Vacations Rental Script

Video Integration

Impress users with videos that showcase the property or accommodation space for a one-of-a-kind walkthrough experience.

Popular Category

This feature allows guests to select from the most popular vacation destinations for their vacation retreat. These are categorised as "Most Popular."

Smart Search

The smart search feature displays results based on the user's inputs. Users will be presented with options based on their inputs.

Social Media Log-in

Users can also access the app directly through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, and others.


To cater to a global audience, the app supports a variety of languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, and others.

Easy Checkout

All important checkout information can be easily integrated onto a single page. Designed to aid customers in making quick payments.

Multi-Payment Gateway

All popular international payment gateways can be easily integrated into the app. Developed to improve payment convenience.

Unique home page experience

The home page can be completely customised to meet your requirements. A variety of sections, such as "Most Popular" or a video slider banner, can be easily included on the homepage.

Property Details

This feature displays explicit property details such as space, interior and exterior, infrastructure, property walk around video, and more.

Time-based booking

Property hosts have the ability to set a minimum and maximum time limit for guests to rent and spend time in their properties. The time can be set from hours to days at the discretion of the host.


The advanced dashboard allows service providers, users, and property owners to easily enable and disable notification. Users and property owners can fill out their personal profiles with information about themselves and their properties, among other things.


Our built-in SEO feature allows the website to rank higher by being indexed more quickly. Designed to be a joy to work on for SEO professionals.

Product Engineering

Holiday Rental Booking Script

Idea Concept

We begin by evaluating the segment, market size, product growth potential, target audience, and other factors. These would assist us in validating your concept and moving it to the next stage.

Detailed Analysis

Our dedicated analyst team would work on your Vacation Rental Script idea and analyse the diagrams, SOW, SRS, wireframe, and other elements before moving it to the next level.

Product Design

The design team will finalise critical aspects such as interactive UI to engage the target audience, among other things. The end result is to provide out-of-the-box solutions to make your app stand out from the crowd.

App Development

The Vacation Rental Script will be used for development, and it will be customised to include all of the necessary features based on your specifications.

Quality Check

Our dedicated testing team performs end-to-end testing of the app's features and functionalities prior to product launch. Regression testing, integration testing, speed testing, security testing, load testing, and server testing are all included.

Final Launch

Code ready software helps you deploy your app to all major platforms, including Google Play, the App Store, and your server.

Vacation Rental Script - Live Demo

Check out our Vacation Rental Script demo to get a better sense of our solutions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, our exceptional development team will be delighted to assist you with your customization requirements.

Yes, the payment will be made only once with us. There will be no hidden costs.

Yes, the team will provide all necessary technical support in accordance with the agreement.
Yes, you will own the entire source code after delivery. We will deploy the app on all major platforms as well as your server.
No, there is no limit to how many users can join your app. However, if you prefer, you can modify it to meet your specific needs.

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