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The days of waiting outside a doctor's office or in line at the pharmacy are long gone. Patients can now interact with doctors and receive medications on time thanks to dedicated applications. This is not only a convenient option, but it also saves time, money, and sometimes even lives. Our Zocdoc clone scripts assist you in launching a highly customizable and white-labeled healthcare platform. Our solutions are extremely user-friendly and include the most advanced security protocols.

Why Build An App Like Zocdoc?

According to experts, the global healthcare market will grow to a $11 trillion-dollar industry by 2021. The internet has helped to revolutionise this sector by making healthcare more accessible via aggregators. Apps like Zocdoc are reimagining how patients access services from doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and even diagnostic centres. Furthermore, these apps save time and money while also allowing the healthcare distribution network to reach a wider audience. Codeready is a leading clone app company that can assist you with appointment booking app development, allowing you to quickly launch your own healthcare services platform.


Our clone app features have been designed with scalability and other business requirements in mind.

Advanced Filter Options

Users can find the best medical care by searching for specific doctors, illnesses, hospitals, pharmacies, and even locations.

Interactive Admin Dashboard

Allows the administrator to efficiently control the platform while also tracking user behaviour.

Export Data

Users can download data in.csv or.xls formats.

Easy Login

Users can gain access to the platform by logging in with their email address, mobile phone number, or social media account.

Book/Cancel Appointments

The ability to book/cancel appointments or deliveries without difficulty.

Scheduling Events

Patients can schedule monthly checkups or medication deliveries. Alternatively, doctors or pharmacies can notify patients when their services are available.

Cross-platform Availability

The app is available for Android, iOS, and even the web.

Content Management System

Administrators can publish blogs or news to keep users up to date on emerging healthcare trends.

Zocdoc Clone Revenue Model

There are several ways to make money with your app.

Hosting Fees

Charge practitioners, hospitals, and pharmacies a small fee for using your platform.

Subscription Fees

Provide patients and other users with premium features and additional benefits.

Promotional Posts

Allow doctors and healthcare organisations to promote their services on your app in exchange for a fee.


Allow third-party ad aggregators to run third-party ad campaigns on your platform.


Charge a small commission to doctors, hospitals, and medical stores for each sale made through your app.

How the Zocdoc


Patients can use Zocdoc-like app doctor solutions to connect with practitioners, pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories in an efficient manner. We created two portals for the clone app, one for the user and one for the service providers.


For Users:

Patients can use this portal to search for disease-specific services that can be filtered using a variety of sort options such as geographic location, pricing, rating, and more. The patient can also check the availability of services and schedule appointments or deliveries accordingly. In addition, one can create an appointment calendar and receive regular updates on it. Finally, a patient can rate the services they used and provide feedback on their experiences.


For Service Providers:

Doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies can use this portal to update information about their specialisations, services, and pricing. They can also manage their services here, as well as confirm or cancel orders at their leisure or availability. Meanwhile, doctors can use an integrated calendar to notify patients when appointments are scheduled. Finally, service providers can create and manage customised plans for their clients.

Benefits Of Using codeready’s Zocdoc Clone Services

We are a leading clone app development company, and here are a few reasons why you should hire us to build your platform:

Cost-effective Solutions

Creating a clone app allows you to launch a feature-rich, market-ready platform for a fraction of the cost and time.

White-label Services

Our solutions are completely white-labeled, allowing you to retain ownership of the product.

Pocket-friendly Pricing

Our services are tailored to your specific budget and business needs.

Experienced Team

We have a team of industry experts and talented developers who can quickly build your platform.

Customizable Design

We can assist you in developing any one-of-a-kind features you may have in mind.


Yes. Because our services are completely customizable, you can change and adapt the product to meet changing needs as your business grows.
Customers can be given promo codes in order to attract new users or increase activity on the app. This can also be used to commemorate special occasions. A referral programme can also be launched, allowing you to reward customers for promoting your app while also tracking their activity.
Our apps are fortified with a variety of security features to safeguard users' privacy and transactions. These include two-factor authentication, one-time password authentication, social media login, email verification, and others.
To access a demo, drop a mail with your request at [email protected] and one of our executives will contact you immediately.
We assist you with the installation and initial setup of the application after you purchase it. Alternatively, we provide after-sales support to assist you in updating or upgrading the app, as well as conducting audits to identify any vulnerabilities and security threats.

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